Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cassandra Clare's City of Glass Play List

Cassandra Clare, the New York Times best selling author of The Mortal Instruments series, was kind enough to give us her playlist for the upcoming City of Glass novel along with the reasons as to why these songs are her favorites! Enjoy!

Beloved, VNV Nation

We were once young and blessed with wings
No heights could keep us from their reach
No sacred place we did not soar
Still greater things burned within us
I don't regret the choices that I've made
I know you feel the same

I just love VNV Nation, and this song has an ethereal quality that fits the darker parts of the book. Plus it echoes the repeating motif of wings, and the lyrics about of thinking you had "great things" burning within you in the past made me think of the Circle.

Hometown Glory, Adele

I like it in the city
When two worlds collide
You get the people
And the government
Everybody taking
Different sides

I like songs that evoke an urban atmosphere. And I felt like the lines about worlds colliding in a city fit with all the urban destruction in CoG.

An End Has A Start, Editors

I don't think that it's
Gonna rain again today,
There's a devil at your side,
But an angel on the way

You came on your own,
And that's how you'll leave,
With hope in your hands,
And air to breathe,

I won't disappoint you,
As you fall apart,
Some things should be simple,
Even an end has a start

Devils and angels/the war between people's worse and better natures. And this song is really about understanding and accepting death, especially the death of someone you love.

Like a Knife, Secondhand Seranade

But what do I know, if you're leaving
All you did was stop the bleeding.
But these scars will stay forever,
These scars will stay forever
And these words have no meaning
If we cannot find the feeling
That we held on to together
Try your hardest to remember.

Love messes you up. Having to leave someone you love, even though you really don't want to, but you have no choice. Or maybe it's more about being left. Either way, it works.

The Same Fire, Bishop Allen

a million firefighters
and 99 alarms
an ocean full of water
i will burn through it all unharmed
for you
you're so beautiful

The metaphor of love as fire is taken very literally here "he white house 1814/moscow 1812/san francisco after the earthquake/i loved you then as well" but it's a beautiful song, and it works. And it's such an upbeat song, I suppose it reminds me of Magnus and Alec, who have a less tragically dramatic relationship than some of the other couples in the book.

No One's Gonna Love You, Band of Horses

It's looking like a limb torn off
Or altogether just taken apart
We're reeling through an endless fall
We are the ever-living ghost of what once was

This song is most likely about a relationship dying, but I really think it could be about the dissolution of any kind of a dream. Makes me think about Jocelyn and Luke.

Come on Get Higher, Matt Nathanson

I miss the sound of your voice
the loudest thing in my head
and I ache to remember
all the violent, sweet, perfect words that you said

it's all wrong
it's all wrong
it's all wrong, its so right

A reader sent me this song, saying the lyrics reminded them of Clary and Jace. I downloaded it and I had to agree.

We Are Broken, Paramore

Cause we are broken
What must we do to restore
Our innocence
And oh, the promise we adored
Give us life again cause we just wanna be whole

Doesn't really remind me of any characters so much as it makes me think of the fate of the demon towers in Idris and the Shadowhunter's whole view of how safe they are versus the reality.

Mirrors and Fevers, Bright Eyes

When I opened my eyes
I saw myself in the mirror
And I knew I would do like my father has done
Yes, we will never break from these chains

A song that makes me think about Jace's relationship with his father.

They Don't Know, Kirsty McColl

And I don't listen to the ones who say
That you're bad for me and I should turn you away
Cause they don't know about us
And they've never heard of love

Sort of self-explanatory. And such a cute little song, even though it doesn't sound like anything else on the playlist.

This is for the ones who stand
For the ones who try again

There's a lot of scenes in Glass where characters are pushed to the limits of their endurance, and this song to me is about going on even though you think you can't.

Don't Fight It, The Panics

Where has my light gone?
Where has my fight gone?
What keeps us burning when the fire is long gone?"

This song makes me think about the dilemma of fighting the good fight, even though you don't want to and don't really think you can succeed.

Archers, Brand New

Who do you carry that torch for, my young man?
Do you believe in anything?
Or do you carry it around just to burn things down?

Brand New is one of my favorite bands. This song makes me thing about Jace, and what could kindly be termed his anger management problem. Of course it could also apply to Valentine...

It's All Over, Broken Family Band

I could fight, your beautiful words
And mourn, your beautiful loss
Throw me out, of your beautiful lifestyle
And call, your beautiful name.

For whatever reason, this song makes me think about people pretending to be something they aren't.

Closer, Joshua Radin

so, we're alone again
i wish it were over
we seem to never end
only get closer
to the point where i can take no more

This song is about the classic "Hedgehog's Dilemma" — the closer you get to someone, the more they can hurt you. Intimacy isn't possible without pain.

Bring on the Wonder, Susan Enan

I don't have the time for a drink from the cup
Let's rest for a while 'til our souls catch us up
Bring on the wonder
Bring on the song
I pushed you down deep in my soul for too long

To me this is just a very pretty love song. Love denied, finally realized. All that good stuff.

Be sure to check back soon for more play lists! And remember to check out The Reader's Quill for more on Cassandra Clare, including an exclusive interview!