Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playlist: Laura Whitcomb

A few weeks ago, I reviewed and interviewed Laura Whitcomb, the author of A Certain Slant of Light and the upcoming novel, The Fetch. Recently, we caught up with Ms. Whitcomb and she was kind enough to give us a short playlist of her favorite songs with the reasons why she loves them! Enjoy!

Marc Cohn's "Walking In Memphis" just makes me happy.

Billy Joel's "For The Longest Time" -- I fell in love with this song partly because when I used to babysit my nephew Nicholas, he'd stop crying whenever I dropped the needle on this track of the record. (Shows you how long ago this was--I had the LP.) The song was like magic "cheer up" music.

Bonnie Raitt's "Feels Like Home to Me" -- I like the way this song uses simple, down to earth illustrations of the profound comfort of being loved.

Paolo Conte's "Via Con Me (It's Wonderful)" -- my niece Siobhan and I heard this song in a commercial in a movie theater before the show started and it cracked us up. I bought the CD and every time I picked her up from school we'd play it again. It's unapologetically joyous, quirky, and cool.